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Motorola Public Safety Remote Speaker Microphones

APX Remote Speaker Microphones And Public Safety Microphones

APX Remote Speaker Microphones And Public Safety Microphones

Ensure your voice is heard clearer, crisper, and louder regardless of level or direction you're speaking into the accessory. Reduce the effect of wind and other outdoor noises so your messages are always heard clearly. Reduce the effect of background crowd and machinery noise so your messages are always heard clearly into the accessory. Set your volume once. Depend on your accessory to listen for changes in background noise, adjusting the volume automatically so you hear every call.
I Hear You However
You Speak
I Hear You, Not
The Wind
I Hear You,
Not The Noise
I Hear You, Even When
You Can't Hear Yourself

Unmistakable Audio Performance When It Matters Most

The APX™ Series is the mission-critical advantage for responders in mission-critical environments. Motorola designed the APX P25 radios and remote speaker microphones (RSMs) for the absolute rigors of these situations.

Crisp And Clear. Every Word, Every Mission.

All APX Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs) deliver audio that is clearer, easier to understand and up to 50% louder than XTS-series RSMs. That's because they contain the same speaker technology found in Motorola's APX 7000 and APX 7000XE portable radios for the best-in-class accessory audio available.

Even with the din of traffic or the commotion of pumper trucks, you can carry on a conversation clearly with an APX RSM clipped to your turnout gear. Motorola's leading-edge, smart IMPRES technology communicates directly with the APX radio to suppress background noise, improve speech clarity and amplify loudness, no matter the weather or workplace.


Shows Information Instantly

Select from a variety of models, including RSMs with a display. These easy-read screens let you see zone and channel information at-a-glance. Since the display mirrors the one on top of your portable, it delivers the information you need, when you need it. Many of Motorola's RSMs/PSMs give you immediate access to radio controls - from volume and channel selector to emergency and programmable buttons.

Reduce Background Noise

The Windporting feature on select RSMs/PSMs is specifically designed for windy outdoor environments. If you're directing traffic or moving crowds after an outdoor concert, Windporting dramatically reduces the noise caused by howling winds and harsh weather. And it prevents water from clogging the microphone and distorting your transmission.

In a domed stadium or an open-air event, noise-canceling acoustics on select RSM models negate background noise so your voice comes through loud and clear anytime you speak into the microphone. Whatever the work condition, there's a microphone made for you.

Endures Adverse Conditions

Chasing an offender or commanding an incident, you expect a microphone to overcome noisy settings and outlast demanding shifts. Many of Motorola's RSMs and PSMs meet tough specs - IP57 submersibility ratings - to withstand water immersion longer. Even if you drop them in a puddle or wear them in the rain, you'll stay connected.

Motorola's rugged accessories take toughness further - exceeding IP57 standards for submersibility and providing an optimal level of water protection. If you're on the fireground and your RSM gets drenched by a hose, it will stand up.

Display RSMs sport the first rugged, submersible audio jack so you can receive discreet communications with a separate earpiece accessory and not worry about water damaging your connection.

Improves Coverage And Safety

Our PSMs are designed for use with an antenna to provide better coverage when you're wearing a radio under a jacket or coat. Because the APX portable connector design incorporates the radio frequency (RF) antenna signal, it eliminates the need for an external RF adapter. PSMs are only available for 700/800 MHz radios.

All Motorola's PSMs and RSMS are rated intrinsically safe when used with intrinsically safe APX radios. They are certified and rated for use in classified hazardous areas where flammable gases or combustible dusts or fibers may be present.

For even more flexibility and options, one remote speaker microphone offers a threaded audio jack, giving you the flexibility to re-use key XTS-series surveillance accessories.

An Extreme RSM For Extreme Noise

The APX XE RSM represents noise suppression at its best. The ideal complement to any APX radio, it's the first accessory with dual microphones to locate the talker and cancel out background sounds. Ambient noise is negated so effectively, you can be heard over diesel engines, power equipment or wailing sirens.

A large speaker delivers the loudest, clearest accessory audio available - 50% louder and clearer –so transmissions are clear and intelligible, not garbled or distorted. And because the audio technology inside XE RSM complements the exceptional noise suppression capabilities of Motorola's best-in-class APX radios, you can be heard and be clearly understood in all types of extremes.


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