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Motorola Public Safety Earpieces and Surveillance Kits

Motorola Public Safety Earpeices


Pellet Style Earpieces

Pellet-style earpieces allow users to receive communication discreetly and are comfortable for extended-wear use.

Ultra-Lite Earpiece

Small and lightweight, the earpiece clips comfortably to the ear. Features boom microphone and in-line Push-to-Talk.

Flexible Ear Receiver

This receive-only earpiece contains a flexible earloop and speaker which rests external to the ear. It plugs directly into adapter or the earjack on speaker microphones.


IMPRES Ear Microphone

Knock Out Noise. Communicate Clearly.

Talking over the roar of the crowd in a stadium or the blare of equipment on the fireground? Background noise can thwart clear and effective communication. But the Motorola IMPRES Ear Microphone delivers the audio clarity and exceptional performance you can count on.

Designed for APX™ radios, operating in analog or digital mode, our accessory uses bone conduction to pick up the user's voice from bone vibrations in the inner ear. No matter how loud the environment is, it will not transmit external noise - only the speaker's voice. When the user receives audio, the accessory acts like a normal earpiece, yet still allows you to hear the message loud and clear.

Responsive Features That Respond To You

Whether you're on a utility pole or directing traffic below, Motorola Ear Microphones are engineered for you - with a programmable button for accessing shortcut features from a radio under a coat to the large push-to-talk (PTT) button with a ring guard that is easy to use, even with gloves on. With an all-day durable design that is lightweight and comfortable to wear, you'll forget you have it on.


Surveillance Kits

Blend In With The Crowd, But Stay Connected With The Team.

Motorola's Mission Critical Wireless Covert Solutions for APX™ and XTS™ radios take your surveillance operations to the next level. Consumer grade in appearance but mission-critical in performance, their portfolio delivers exceptional flexibility, the high security of Mission Critical Wireless technology, superior audio performance, and a new dimension of freedom from your radio. Motorola's secure wireless solutions let you carry your radio like never before - whether in a backpack or purse, you are no longer constrained by wires.

Plain Clothes Officers At A College Stadium


A major bowl game at a prestigious university. Plainclothes officers are combing through the sold-out stadium, identifying any potential threats. They need to communicate without spectators knowing who they are.

Solution: Basic Mission Critical Wireless Covert Kit

This kit is a game-changer for undercover and surveillance operations. With a variety of covert earbuds that look like commercial accessories, your operatives will appear to be talking on phones or listening to music.

Motorola's Mission Critical Wireless black and white 2-wire earbuds look like a portable music player accessory, and the black single-wire earbud matches a smartphone style accessory. A specialized 3.5 adapter lets you connect any standard off-the-shelf, wired, cellular headset to the Mission Critical Wireless push to talk (PTT) pod for virtually infinite choices in your appearance.

The PTT pod enables wireless communication with an APX or XTS radio wherever it is concealed. The PTT pod easily fits in a pocket or purse or can be clipped to your clothing to control communications conveniently and covertly.

Mission Critical Wireless Covert Audio Accessory Kits
Compatible With All APX And XTS-Series Portable Radios

Basic Mission Critical Wireless Covert Audio Accessory Kit
NNTN8296 Includes the 3 Sets Of Earbuds, Plus The Adapter. NTN2571 Is Ordered Separately

Long Shift Mission Critical Wireless Covert Audio Accessory Kit

Discreet Mission Critical Wireless Surveillance Kit

Completely Discreet Earpiece

Enables users to communicate with ease, in full privacy, without visible equipment. This miniaturized receiver is discreetly hidden in the ear, where it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Small as it is, it offers a full range of audio functions, including automatic squelch, automatic gain control and noise filtering. Average battery life is approximately 100 hours and includes an end-of-life warning signal when the battery needs to be changed. Kit includes wireless receiver, inductive neck loop, 6 spare batteries and 5 spare ear guards. For use with any standard 2 or 3-Wire Motorola Surveillance Kit.

The Completely Discreet Earpiece is easy to use. Simply remove the earpiece from any standard 2 or 3-Wire Motorola Surveillance Kit and plug in the neck loop, which is easily hidden under clothing. Security personnel will be able to wear this tiny receiver comfortably for hours at a time!

CommPort: Integrated Microphone/Receiver System

The CommPort™ System's advanced, self-adjusting microphone and miniature receiver connect to a two-way radio and make it possible to communicate under the most adverse conditions. A variety of push-to-talk options allow the user to customize the CommPort System for many applications.


Motorola Earpieces And Surveillance Accessories

Motorola APX AND XTS Mission Critical Wireless Covert Solution Accessories
Motorola APX Ear Microphone System
Motorola XTS Ear Microphone System

Motorola Portable Accessory Brochures

Motorola APX Series P25 Portable Accessories Catalog


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