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Motorola Public Safety Headsets

Motorola Public Safety Headsets

Motorola Heavy Duty Headset

Designed for rugged use in noisy environments where hearing protection is required. This dual-muff headset includes flexible noise-canceling boom microphone with a push-to-talk switch located on the earcup. This can be worn with or without a helmet.


Medium Weight Headset

Medium weight headsets offer high-clarity sound, with the additional hearing protection necessary to provide consistent, clear, two-way radio communication in harsh, noisy environments or situations.

Motorola Lightweight Headset

Provides high-clarity, hands-free discreet two-way communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments. This single-muff adjustable headset comes with rotating boom microphone for left or right positioning. Includes an in-line push-to-talk button.

Noise-canceling Headsets with Boom Microphone

Ideal for two-way communication in extremely noisy environments. Dual-Muff, tactical headsets include 2 microphones on outside of earcups which reproduce ambient sound back into headset. Harmful sounds are suppressed to safe levels and low sounds are amplified up to 5 times original level, but never more than 82dB. Has on/off volume control on earcups. Easily replaceable ear seals are filled with a liquid and foam combination to provide excellent sealing and comfort. 3-foot coiled cord assembly included.

Hardhat Mount Headset with Noise-canceling Boom Microphone

Ideal for two-way communication in high-noise environments, this headset mounts easily to hardhats with slots, or can be worn alone. Easily replaceable ear seals are filled with a liquid and foam combination to provide excellent sealing and comfort. 3-foot coiled cord assembly included. Noise reduction of 22dB.

Receive-only Headset

Receive-Only Headsets are the right choice for high-noise environments where users must hear information clearly, but seldom need to transmit. Dual-Muff headsets feature easily replaceable ear seals filled with a liquid and foam combination to provide excellent protection from outside noise as well as comfort.

Receive and Transmit Boomless Temple Transducer

Ear-Free Hearing At Its Best

Police officers on the street. EMS responders on a call. Fire service on incident command. You need to hear conversations no matter how deafening the environment - over traffic, sirens and engines. And you want to communicate without listeners hearing all that noise in the background. Motorola's Receive and Transmit Boomless Temple Transducer lets you do both - hear and be heard - without noise compromising your conversation.

Communicate Over The Clamor

Unlike conventional headsets that can mask external sounds, Motorola's temple transducer lets you receive messages on the radio and hear the environment around you without covering your ears. Now you can either hear ambient noise —approaching traffic, sirens and overhead pages, or work in the noisiest places and wear much needed ear protection —all while still effectively communicating on your radio.

Be Heard Clearly, Without The Noise

Motorola's temple transducer uses bone conduction to pick up your voice from vibrations on temple bone. That means external sounds are not transmitted, only your voice. So no matter how loud the environment is around you, your communication still gets through. Since Motorola is using bone conduction to transmit your voice, no boom microphone is needed. This keeps your face unobscured and your hands free, so you can interact with others on the scene.

Comfortable, All Day Long

This temple transducer rests in front of your ears, allowing you to wear the accessory comfortably for long periods of time, even when wearing hearing protection. The flexible frame adjusts for an exact fit. Plus, the over-the-head band is fully adjustable and comfortable for extended wear and fits under helmets, caps and other headgear.

Temple Transducer

Innovative Headset Design Lets Users Receive Audio Without Covering The Ear

Temple Transducers enhance communication and safety by not impairing the user's hearing of the external sound environment. Available as a basic model or rugged model to meet specific user needs.

Two Versions, Basic and Rugged

Conventional headsets can often mask external sounds — from approaching traffic to warning alarms and overhead pages — sounds that are crucial for busy professionals to hear.

Temple Transducer headsets utilize temple receivers that convert audio into sound vibration and transmit it to the inner ear. This allows users to hear both radio audio as well as their surrounding environment. In high noise environments it means that users can wear ear plugs with the headset and still receive audio. Each Temple Transducer headset is designed for all-day comfort and features a frame that can be adjusted for an exact fit. Both feature a boom microphone with replaceable windscreen, and in-line push-to-talk (PTT) with clothing clip. Foam earplugs can be used as needed in high noise environments.


Hear Only What You Need To

How Do Temple Transducers Work?

These headsets use transducers that rest on your temple to convert audio into sound vibration and transmit it to your inner ear. If you're using hearing protection or directing heavy traffic, you can hear the audio from your radio and the surrounding environment. Since the transducer sits in front of your ears, you can also wear earplugs and still hear the radio.


Motorola Headsets

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