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Motorola Public Safety Accessories

Motorola Public Safety Accessories

Safety Doesn't End With The Radio

Mission Critical Demands. Safety Focused

Accessories For Motorola's APX™ Project 25 Portable Radios

The APX P25 mission-critical two-way radio series redefines safety in portable communication. From the fire line to the factory line, APX puts the right device into the hands of the right user. Every feature and function is designed with its users in mind - from the rugged, easy to operate design to the loudest, clearest audio. The result is the ability to keep your people and community safer than ever before.

Extend the power and reliability of your radio with the only complete line of accessories designed, tested and certified for optimal performance with APX portables. This flexible portfolio offers solutions that meet your customers' specific needs. This includes a robust and complete portfolio of remote speaker microphones including, the XE Remote Speaker Microphone which has been designed specifically for harsh conditions on the fireground. And the APX Mission Critical Wireless portfolio delivers best-in-class Bluetooth® wireless designed specifically for first responders. Our IMPRES smart battery and charger solutions ensure your responders have a battery that is ready to go at the moment they need it.

Every Motorola battery, charger, audio accessory, carry case and antenna is best-in-class technology, designed and optimized specifically for your APX portable.

Motorola Batteries

Motorola Batteries

We know that when heading into the burning building or staking out a hostage situation, first responders need to be assured their batteries will last. Motorola's innovative IMPRES battery charging and reconditioning system streamlines and automates battery maintenance. It draws on their exclusive technology to enable communication between your battery and charger to help lengthen battery life and extend talk time. IMPRES batteries can be left in IMPRES chargers for extended periods without heat damage from the charger, assuring your battery is safely charged to the right capacity and always ready when you head out for a call.

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Motorola Operations Critical Wireless Bluetooth® Accessories

Motorola Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth® Accessories

Motorola created an enhanced Bluetooth® wireless solution because off-the-shelf consumer Bluetooth technology lacks the performance, comfort and security features required in high-security situations and mission-critical environments.

Only Motorola's Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece for APX portables will ensure that agencies and first responders have a wireless solution that meets the demands of your job.

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Motorola IMPRES XE Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones

Features dual microphones that help suppress interfering background noise in high-noise environments. This high-visibility, high impact green XE RSM features a large push-to-talk button, emergency button and toggle volume switch that are both easy to locate, but shielded so they're not set off accidentally when running, crawling or climbing. A strobe light activates when the emergency button is pressed, projecting light up to 10 feet in thick smoke. A large metal D-ring and sturdy clamping clip secure the RSM to your turnout gear. This microphone is not compatible with the APX 4000.

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Motorola IMPRES Display Remote Speaker Microphones

IMPRES-enabled RSMs include an easy-to-read display that mirrors the radio's top display to show zone and channel information at-a-glance. Meets rugged specifications for submersibility and includes a rugged, submersible audio jack.

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Motorola IMPRES Temple Transducer

This headset allows the user to receive audio without covering the ear, allowing users to have their ears open to all external sounds such as warning and fire alarms, machinery and outside traffic.

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Motorola IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphones

All RSMs include a push-to-talk switch, swivel clip and quick disconnect latch. They also have been designed with a large housing for users operating with gloves or in more rugged environments.

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Motorola IMPRES Public Safety Microphone (PSM)

This IMPRES-enabled microphone is designed with an antenna to provide better coverage when you're wearing a radio under a jacket or coat. All PSMs include 3.5mm audio jack, orange button and radio volume control. Antenna is sold separately.

Learn more about Motorola IMPRES Public Safety Microphone (PSM)

Motorola IMPRES 2-wire and 3-wire Surveillance Kits

Motorola Earpieces & Surveillance Accessories

Allow the user to both transmit and receive discreet communications. All kits include one programmable-button for quick and easy access to critical radio features. 2-Wire kits include one wire for receiving and one wire for the microphone. 3-Wire kits include one wire for receiving, one wire for the microphone and one wire for the push-to-talk.

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Motorola Heavy Duty Headset

Motorola Headsets

Designed for rugged use in noisy environments where hearing protection is required. This dual-muff headset includes flexible noise-canceling boom microphone with a push-to-talk switch located on the earcup. This can be worn with or without a helmet.

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Motorola Lightweight Headset

Provides high-clarity, hands-free discreet two-way communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments. This single-muff adjustable headset comes with rotating boom microphone for left or right positioning.

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Motorola IMPRES Ear Microphone System

Lightweight earpiece uses bone conduction to pick up the user's voice from bone vibrations in the inner ear and eliminates the need for a boom microphone. No matter how loud the environment is, it will not transmit external noise--only the speaker's voice. When receiving audio, the accessory acts like a normal earpiece, yet still allows you to hear the message loud and clear.

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Motorola IMPRES™ Audio Accessories

Motorola's unique IMPRES technology matches the characteristics of the radio and audio accessory to give you the best performance possible. Optimizing loudness, clarity and intelligibility, the IMPRES audio portfolio boosts workforce productivity and departmental efficiency.

Learn more about Motorola IMPRES™ Audio Accessories

Motorola Carry Accessories

Motorola Carry Accessories

From basic belt clips to carry cases or chest packs, Motorola's carrying solutions can help protect the radio while keeping the user's hands free for everyday tasks that need to be carried out.

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Turn Up Safety And Ease

Accessories For Motorola's APX™ Project 25 Mobile Radios

Whether you use your radio in your vehicle, on your motorcycle or at your desk, you need to know that every word is communicated and every message is heard. Every APX mobile accessory has been designed and thoroughly tested to provide the same high level of performance you expect from your radio. Many accessories from Motorola XTL radios that use O5 and O3 control heads can be reused - maximizing your investment while you maintain the latest technology.

Unique accessories such as the IMPRES™ visor microphone allow hands-free communication, while IMPRES technology helps ensure your voice is heard regardless of how closely you are speaking into the microphone or how much wind or road noise is in the background.

Motorola's accessories deliver maximum flexibility without compromising voice and data performance.

The complete line includes: Microphones, Speakers, Sirens And Public Address Kits, Control Station Accessories, Remote Mount Cables, and Antennas.

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IMPRES Visor Microphone

Using leading-edge IMPRES technology, our audio accessories communicate with the radio to help suppress ambient noise, improve voice intelligibility and amplify loudness—even in noisy situations. The IMPRES visor microphone reduces common background road noise so an officer can communicate effectively in the vehicle.

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Desktop Microphone and Tray

These convenient accessories allow mission-critical users to convert APX mobiles into simple base stations—an ideal solution for dispatch and transportation. Desktop tray and microphone sold separately.

Learn more about Desktop Microphone and Tray

GPS Antenna

A separate GPS antenna is required in addition to the mobile RF antenna for GPS capability. This fixed-mount antenna is a discreet standalone that has a semi-permanent mount you can easily assemble with minimal tools to the vehicle's roof or trunk.

Learn more about GPS Antenna

Intrinsic Safety Rating

Motorola-approved accessories are a critical part of the overall radio system certified by a recognized testing organization as intrinsically safe.

Not sure which Motorola Original accessories are right for your business environment?

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