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Industry Solutions


Industry Solutions for Construction

MOTOTRBO™ Builds New Levels of Productivity for Contractors

You know the challenges. You need to maximize productivity to stay competitive. But it can be difficult. Real-world job sites bring hard knocks, dust, dirt, water, hazardous materials and temperature extremes - and plenty of noise. Safety is essential and you need the fastest, most effective response if there's an incident. Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with enhanced productivity.

Industry Solutions For Construction

Education K-12

Industry Solutions for Education

Experience a New Class of Communication and Coordination

If a district needs to reroute buses around a major accident, it can send drivers the directions with text messaging. For increased safety, using a wireless Bluetooth® RFID scanner, school administrators can efficiently identify and track students boarding buses for a field trip by scanning the barcode on their IDs. And should a disturbance on campus occur, administrators can activate an emergency call feature to instantly alert staff and security. Connect everyone seamlessly and easily with MOTOTRBO's expanded portfolio of digital two-way radios and accessories.

Industry Solutions For Education


Industry Solutions for Healthcare

Restore Health to Your Aging Communications

As your healthcare facility spreads out over the property, your communications system must grow with it. Existing two-way analog systems are simply not up to the challenge of accommodating users who need the ability to send and receive private messages and other new applications across campuses to do their jobs with greater efficiency. With the digital difference, MOTOTRBO provides much clearer audio quality to support the safety and security of everyone on campus than is possible with analog, especially in fringe coverage areas.

Industry Solutions For Healthcare

Hospitality and Retail

Industry Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Make Every Customer Interaction First Class

Whether your staff is welcoming a group at the front desk or maintaining greens on the back nine, you can keep everyone easily and seamlessly connected with MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radios and accessories. If a guest calls about a broken air conditioner or the pool manager requests clean towels, you can create a work order ticket or send text message instructions instantly. If catering asks for banquet assistance or security signals there is an emergency, you can locate the closest employee to respond immediately.

Industry Solutions For Hospitality and Retail


Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

Keep Up with the Market. And Keep Costs Down.

You're on a challenging pace in manufacturing. With stiffer competition, tighter schedules, longer shifts and heightened emphasis on safety, today's marketplace calls for even greater efficiency and productivity to maintain an advantage, globally and locally. In order to keep up and keep ahead, your workers need reliable, easy-to-use communications so you can increase their efficiency and productivity, improve plant safety, support long work shifts and rapidly respond to incidents, wherever they happen.

Industry Solutions For Manufacturing

Public Safety

Industry Solutions for Public Safety

The Most Complete Lineup of Two-Way Radios Designed to Keep You Safe

Agencies expect their investment to deliver maximum value and performance. From day one, every portable and mobile radio will meet your most demanding performance expectations.

Industry Solutions For Public Safety

Government Services

Industry Solutions for Government Services

Keep Them In Touch. In The Field and Behind the Wheel

Whether you're a streets and sanitation worker on a snowplow or a parks and recreation crew on a maintenance call, citizens expect a certain level of performance. They want timely response and quick resolutions. How do you meet their expectations and manage an extensive field force throughout your community? From centralized dispatch to seasonal crews, instant dispatch and unbroken communication are essential to managing your fleet, so you need a system that is 24/7/365 reliable wherever they go. A system so efficient and easy to use, it can increase safety and reduce operating costs, too.

Industry Solutions For Government Services

Transportation and Logistics

Industry Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Keep On Trucking with MOTOTRBO™ & GPS!

Last minute changes in cargo. Unscheduled package pick-ups. Unexpected delays on the road. Your customers depend on receiving freight at the right place at the right time, without fail. Keeping your mobile workforce connected is essential to meeting these demands and protecting them on the road. How do you keep your people in contact while keeping them safe, wherever they travel? With a system that provides instant dispatch and reliable communication to manage your fleet, no matter where they go. A system so efficient and easy to use, it can improve customer service and reduce operating costs.

Industry Solutions For Transportation and Logistics

Utilities and Energy

Industry Solutions for Utilities

When Mother Nature Turns Nasty, MOTOTRBO Shines

When power lines are down from a fast-moving storm, your customers expect a certain level of performance. They want timely response and quick resolutions. How do you meet their expectations and manage an extensive field force? With a system that provides instant dispatch and reliable communication, no matter where they go. One so efficient and easy to use it can improve worker safety, reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

Industry Solutions For Utilities and Energy


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