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Cambium Networks

CNS Server

The Cambium Networks Services (CNS) Server is our next generation Network Management Platform. It ensures easy and intuitive network management control and provides a comprehensive view of network topology and performance characteristics.

The CNS server is an evolving powerful platform that facilitates management and integration with Cambium Networks portfolios. This application captures the best design features available in the marketplace. Easy remote access via a standard web browser allows users to monitor the network virtually anywhere. Rich dashboard support for the system and devices as well as intuitive navigation provide detailed information about the network. The CNS server is very flexible yet rugged at the same time. Users appreciate the ability to quickly identify problems and repair them in order to restore critical connectivity.

The CNS Server currently supports the ePMP product line.

The CNS server is now available in 64-bit configuration to enable improved scalability and faster user experience


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Cambium Networks Updater Tool (CNUT)

CNUT provides the ability to centrally manage the distribution of software upgrades to your Cambium network. The CNUT application provides the following functionality:

  • Discovery: CNUT will scan your network to discover Cambium devices. The results are displayed in an easy to use User Interface.
  • Package Management: Software upgrades are distributed in the form of packages. The package manager utility in CNUT allows you to import and manage packages that will be deployed to devices onto the network.
  • Distribution: User Interfaces are provided to allow you to select devices in your network to upgrade. In addition, CNUT provides a scheduler that allows you to schedule software upgrades during maintenance windows on your network.

Prizm and BAM

BAM provides the ability to control access and grade of service provisioning on your Canopy PMP network by implementing the following key services:

  • Authentication: Subscriber Modules (SM) attempting to register with an Access Point (AP), BAM will validate that the SM should be allowed on to the network and instruct the AP to either allow or disallow registration.
  • Quality of Service and VLAN Provisioning: The BAM user interface allows you to create and apply bandwidth service plan and VLAN profiles to devices as they are authenticated onto the network, or afterwards.

Wireless Manager

It's all about reliability. Network operators need a solution that scales and provides reliable connectivity at a low Total Cost of Ownership. WM supports the following product lines: ePMP, PTP and PMP.

You can achieve better uptime through better visibility of your network with the Cambium Networks Wireless Manager. This network management software tool offers breakthrough map-based visualization capabilities using embedded Google maps. Combined with advanced configuration, provisioning, alerting and reporting features, you can control your entire outdoor wireless network (Mesh Wide Area Network, Point-to-Point solutions, Point-to-Multipoint solutions as well as other SNMP enabled devices). With its powerful user interface you will not only be able to control your network's access, distribution, and backhaul layers, but you will also have visibility to WLAN sites and be able to quickly launch Cambium Network's indoor network management systems.



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