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Motorola PR400

VHF & UHF, 16 Channels

Radio hardware features:

  • 16 Position Rotary Channel Selector with Stop
  • 2 Side Buttons

Operator friendly controls and features include:

  • Large Rotary Channel Selector
  • Rotary On/OFF and Volume Control
  • Tricolor LED
  • Accessory Connector for convenient access
  • Battery Latch Lock
  • Large Textured PTT
  • Spring Action Belt Clip
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis
  • Two Programmable Option Buttons

Motorola PR400 Base Model
Bringing Communication to New Levels

The base model PR400 has 16 communication channels and is the perfect choice for those working for smaller organizations that need to keep in touch with their colleagues and supervisors economically. Users can change to a side channel to discuss more complicated issues one-to-one.

Great care was taken in the design process of the PR400 including rigorous testing to not only help ensure ruggedness and reliability, but ease of use and functionality. What’s in a test? The Motorola PR400 radio must survive multiple drops from a height of 5 feet onto a hard surface to surpass Motorola’s durability standards And Motorola’s Accelerated Life Test dishes out the equivalent of five years of abuse over a period of just three to five weeks. This comprehensive testing is intended to design and develop a tough, high quality radio such as the PR400 that serves you for the long term.

The PR400 two-way radios are the perfect choice for businesses seeking clear, reliable performance at a very economical price. Their rugged, ergonomic design make these radios durable enough to withstand hard conditions and easy to hold and carry, even while wearing gloves. The standard package includes a 90 Minute Charger and the PR400 battery is a Slim Li-ion with 1600mAh to maximize talk time. It’s easy to carry, does not suffer from memory effect. There’s also a FM-certified “intrinsically safe” NiMH battery available.

The PR400 utilizes Motorola’s X-Pand technology to compress the speaker’s voice at transmission and expand it at the receiving end while simultaneously reducing extraneous noise. X-Pand improves the PR400’s signal-to-noise ratio to improve audio quality, particularly at 12.5 kHz channel spacing.

Motorola PR400 Full Display/Full Keypad Model Features

  • 16 Channels
  • 4 Quick Access Features
  • Option Board Expandability
  • System Scan and Auto Scan
  • Single and Dual Priority Scan (frequently scans higher-priority channels)
  • Revert Scan (radio moves automatically to last landed scan channel when exiting scan mode)
  • Scan Talkback (respond to transmission while scanning)
  • Tricolor LED
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Transmit Time-Out Timer
  • Voice-Operated Transmit (requires voice-activated microphone)
  • TPL Standard and Non-Standard Reverse Burst (for better compatibility with fleets)
  • Privacy Codes (42 standard TPL codes, 84 standard DPL codes and non-standard codes)
  • User Editable Standard TPL/DPL Codes
  • User Editable Scan List
  • Tones On/Off
  • Quik-Call IITM Selective Call/Call Alert Decode
    • Selective Call: Calls a specific group or individual
    • Call Alert: Notifies a specific group or individual user with an alert tone and lighted LED
  • MDC1200 Signaling
    • PTT ID Encode: Sends unique four-digit ID (Caller ID) information when transmitting on the current MDC system
    • Selective Radio Inhibit Decode: Dispatcher can remotely disable radio to prevent ransmission from reaching stolen or inactive radios
    • Radio Check Decode: Dispatcher can determine remotely if radio is powered on without disturbing user
  • DTMF Signaling
    • PTT ID Encode: Sends unique one to eight-digit ID (Caller ID) information when transmitting on the current DTMF system, which can be displayed on radios equipped with DTMF decoding capabilities

Motorola PR400 Base Models


  • AAH65KDC9AA2
    PR400 VHF (146-174 MHz) 16 Channel 1-5 Watt Portable Radio
  • AAH65KDF9AA3
    PR400 VHF (146-174 MHz) 32 Channel 1-5 Watt Portable Radio
  • AAH65KDH9AA4
    PR400 VHF (146-174 MHz) 64 Channel 1-5 Watt Portable Radio


  • AAH65QDC9AA2
    PR400 UHF (403-440 MHz) 16 Channel 1-4 Watt Portable Radio
  • AAH65RDC9AA2
    PR400 UHF (438-470 MHz) 16 Channel 1-4 Watt Portable Radio
  • AAH65SDC9AA2
    PR400 UHF (465-495 MHz) 16 Channel 1-4 Watt Portable Radio

All Motorola PR400 Models Include:

  • Standard Battery - Slim Li-ion 1600 MAh 7.5v
  • Standard 120v, 90 Rapid Rate Minute Charger
  • Standard Antenna
  • 3” Belt Clip
  • User Guide
  • 2-Year Warranty

Motorola PR400 Applications

Here are a few examples of some key industries:

Light Construction
Light Industrial
Public Administration
Delivery Services
Taxi and Limousine Services
Transportation / Fleet

Motorola PR400 Accessories

Choose from many Motorola Original Accessories or Motorola Certified Accessories to expand the capabilities of your radio and create a truly customized communication solution for your business. Motorola accessories are system-tested with Motorola radios to ensure optimum performance. Contact us for how we can help customize your two-way radios with just the right accessories for your communication needs.


Motorola original b atteries with different chemistries to best suit your needs help keep your PR400 radio fully functioning at all times, so you can rest assured they are ready whenever you need them.

NNTN4496 Standard Capacity NiCd Battery 1100mAh 7.5v
NNTN4497 High Capacity Li-Ion Battery 1800 mAh 7.5v
NNTN4851 Standard Capacity NiMH Battery 1400 mAh 7.5v
NNTN4970 Slim Standard Capacity Li Ion Battery 1600 mAh 7.5v
NNTN4852 Standard Capacity- Intrinsically Safe (FM) NiMH Battery 1300 mAh


You need a charger to keep your batteries ready whenever you need them. Motorola original chargers

WPLN4138 90 Minute Rapid Desktop Charger 110V
WPLN4155 10 Hour Desktop Charger 110V
WPLN4161 Rapid Multi Unit Charger 110V


Motorola original a udio accessories enhance your communication system. Remote speaker microphones offer the convenience of communication without having to remove the radio from your belt. Lightweight headsets provide hands- free communication so you can work and communicate simultaneously. Comfortable earpieces mute the radio speaker while channeling the audio directly to your ear, so you can monitor transmissions clearly and privately.

Remote Speaker Microphones

HMN9030 Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone


BDN6720 Motorola Flexible Ear Receiver
HMN9036 Motorola 2 Wire Earbud with Microphone & PTT Combined (Black)
PMMN4001 Motorola Ultra-lite earpiece with microphone and PTT

Surveillance Accessories

PMLN4294 Earbud with Combined Microphone & PTT
RLN4904 Mic Jacket for HMN9030 Remote Speaker Microphone
HMN9727 Wire Earphone (Beige)
RLN4894 1 Wire Earphone (Black)
HLN9132 1 Wire Earbud (Black)
HMN9752 1 Wire Earphone with Volume Control (Beige)
HMN9754 2 Wire Earphone with Microphone & PTT Combined (Beige)
RLN4895 2 Wire Earphone with Microphone & PTT Combined (Black)
NTN8371 Standard Acoustic Tube
NTN8370 High Noise Acoustic Tube
RLN5198 2 Wire Earphone and Acoustic Tube with Combined Mic & PTT (Black)


HMN9013 Lightweight Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone
RMN4016 Lightweight Headset with Inline PTT
RLN5411 Lightweight Behind-the-Head Wire Headset with PTT
RLN5238 Medium Weight Stadium-Style Headset with PTT
HMN9021 Medium Weight Over-the-Head Headset
HMN9022 Medium Weight Behind-the-Head Headset
BDN6647 Medium Weight Single Speaker Headset
BDN6648 Heavy Duty Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone
RMN5015 Heavy Duty Racing Headset (requires RKN4090 Headset Adapter Cable)
RMN4055 Heavy Duty Over-the-Head Headset (Red)

Ear Microphones

BDN6706 Voiceducer with PTT/VOX Switch and Standard Earpiece
BDN6646 Voiceducer with PTT and Standard Earpiece
0180300E83 Voiceducer Body PTT

Carry Accessories

Motorola original c arry cases in both nylon and leather protect your radio and provide you the freedom from holding it during standby communication.

NTN5243 Shoulder Carry Strap
HLN9701 Nylon Carry Case with Belt Loop
RLN4815 Universal RadioPack
HLN9985 Waterproof Bag
HLN6602 Motorola Universal Chest Pack with Radio Holder, Pen Holder & Velcro Secured Pocket
RLN5383 Base Model Leather Carry Case with Belt Loop
RLN5384 Base Model Leather Carry Case with 6 cm Swivel Belt Loop
RLN5385 Base Model Leather Carry Case with 7.5 cm Swivel Belt Loop


A variety of antennas available for the Motorola PR400 radio offer you flexibility in size and calling range. As with all of our parts and accessories, these PR400 antennas are all Motorola Original.


NAD6502 VHF (146-174MHz) Standard Heliflex Antenna
HAD9742 VHF (146-162MHz) Stubby Antenna
HAD9743 VHF (162-174MHz) Stubby Antenna


NAE6483 UHF (403-512MHz) Standard Whip Antenna
NAE6522 UHF (438-470MHz) Heliflex Stubby Antenna
8505816K26 UHF (470-512MHz) Heliflex Stubby Antenna


Motorola PR400 Brochure

motorola pr400

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