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Motorola MT1500 Portable Two Way Radio

Power and Performance That Move With The Times

Motorola’s MT 1500 portable radio is a power-packed solution that is rich on features and high on quality. This durable, day in, day-out performer offers two-way analog functionality in a compact, lightweight design that moves with the times.

Available in the 800 frequency band, the MT1500 radio offers Analog Type II Trunking or Conventional Analog with MDC 1200 Stat Alert. Key software features expand its operation to three zones and multiple systems, including conventional and wide area SmartZone.

Small but powerful. Simple yet solid. Feature-rich and economical. Motorola’s MT 1500 portable radio is the analog that stands out in the field.

MT 1500 Portable Radio Features

  • Available in 800 frequency band (806-870 MHz)
  • 3-watt power
  • Supports Motorola Analog Type II Trunking and Motorola Analog Conventional

Offers key software features:

  • 48 channels
  • 3 zones
  • Wide Area SmartZone
  • Call Alert Decode
  • Priority Scan
  • Select Radio Inhibit
  • Meets Military Standards 810 C, D and E
  • Utilizes Customer Programming Software and supports USB and RS-232
  • Compatible with XTS 3000, XTS 3500, XTS 2500, HT 1000, MT 1000 and MTS 2000 accessories
  • Supports enhanced audio features: noise reduction software and audio gain control

Motorola MT1500 Models

The Motorola MT1500 is available in the following VHF, UHF, and 800MHz models.

H67KDD9PW5_N MT1500 48 Channels, 1-5W, VHF (138-174 MHz)
H67QDD9PW5_N MT1500 48 Channels, 1-5W, UHF (380-470 MHz)
H67SDD9PW5_N MT1500 48 Channels, 1-5W, UHF (450-520 MHz)
H67UCD9PW5_N MT1500 48 Channels, 1-3W, 800 MHz (806-870 MHz)

All MT1500 models include:

  • Battery (NiCd, 1525 mAh, 7.5V - NTN9815)
  • Antenna (8505518V01 VHF / NAD6549 UHF / 8505241U03 800 MHz)
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons
  • Orange Emergency Button
  • 16 Position Mode Rotary Select Switch
  • 4 / 12 / Front Mount Alphanumeric Display Lines / Characters Per Line
  • On / Off Volume
  • Low Battery Alert Tone
  • Noise Reduction Software
  • 1 Top Mounted Programmable Three Position Concentric Switch
  • Weather Sealed Universal Connector
  • Bi-Color LED Indicator
  • Detachable Belt Clip
  • Audio Gain Control
  • One Year Warranty


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Motorola MT1500

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