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Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System

Motorola's state-of-the-art IMPRES technology allows communication between the battery and the charger. The result – a radio system that's charged and ready to go whenever you need it.

Unique Battery Charging and Reconditioning Solution

Automated battery maintenance

Manual tracking and recording of battery use are a thing of the past. IMPRES uses a unique communications protocol to facilitate adaptive reconditioning – the charger evaluates the details of the battery's usage pattern to determine the optimal reconditioning interval. This automated process works to diminish memory effect and optimize the cycle life of the battery and maximize talk time.

Chargers that communicate

IMPRES multi-unit chargers are available with a two-line display module. Your customers have access to valuable information such as:

  • Battery capacity (in mAh and percent of minimum rated capacity) and voltage while charging and at completion of charge
  • Time remaining to complete rapid charging (NiCd and NiMH only)
  • Current battery charge status
  • The battery's unique serial number, part number and chemistry.

Knowledge is power. Now you can make informed decisions on battery replacement and asset management.

Environmentally Friendly

IMPRES chargers have technology that avoids overcharging and our single-unit IMPRES chargers with external power supplies consume 40 percent less energy in standby mode than required by the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Long-term safe charging

IMPRES batteries may be left in IMPRES chargers for extended periods without heat damage due to the charger and will be monitored so that they are charged and ready to go whenever they are needed.

Support for mixed battery inventories

IMPRES chargers are compatible with non-IMPRES Motorola batteries, making the migration to all IMPRES much easier. However, automatic reconditioning and all other IMPRES features are realized only when using Motorola IMPRES batteries and chargers.

Extended warranty

When used exclusively with IMPRES chargers, IMPRES batteries carry extended capacity warranties that continue six months longer than Motorola Premium battery warranties.

Proven Tough

IMPRES batteries are subjected to the same rigorous testing and held to the same high standards as all Motorola Premium batteries. Actual results of Drop, Vibration and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) tests prove that Motorola batteries outperform the competition.

IMPRES Smart Energy System - a unique battery charging and reconditioning solution.

Motorola's state-of-the-art IMPRES technology allows communication between the battery and the charger to automate battery maintenance. The result—a radio system that's charged and ready to go whenever you need it.

IMPRES Batteries

IMPRES batteries, when used with an IMPRES charger, provide automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display and other advanced features. Data is stored in the battery and communicated to the charger via a unique IMPRES communication protocol which is designed to maximize talk-time and optimize battery cycle life – all automatically. Automated maintenance and a six month extended capacity warranty when used with IMPRES chargers. Can be charged and reconditioned without being removed from the radio.

IMPRES Chargers

This smart energy system automatically reconditions IMPRES batteries based on actual usage, keeping them in peak condition. Talk-time and cycle life are optimized and the need for manual maintenance programs is eliminated. Its advanced conditioning features allow batteries to be safely left on the charger for extended periods of time without incurring damaging heat build-up which can decrease battery cycle life. In addition, batteries left in the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when needed. This rapid-rate, tri-chemistry charging system will also charge compatible non-IMPRES batteries.

IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger with Display Modules

Charger Display Modules provide powerful, "real time" information for IMPRES batteries, including current charge status, battery mAh, and voltage. Readout displays battery kit number, serial number and chemistry. 120 Volt.

IMPRES Battery Reader

The industry exclusive IMPRES Battery Reader provides IMPRES battery users the ability to access charging, reconditioning and key usage data that can affect overall battery performance. By keeping batteries in peak condition, talk time and cycle life are optimized, reducing battery replacement. Package includes IMPRES Battery Reader (fits XTS batteries), System Software, USB Cord, Adapter inserts for APX, MOTOTRBO and Professional Series radios.

IMPRES Compatible Vehicular Charger

This charger has a full IMPRES charger to battery communication capability. This ensures continuity of IMPRES battery charge data logging in a vehicular environment, so the IMPRES battery will receive adaptive automatic reconditioning and will qualify for the 6-month capacity warranty extension.

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Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System


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